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Replenish Me Mastermind

The purpose of this mastermind is to help female entrepreneurs and current corporate executives to replenish themselves so that they can stay in tuned with their mission and purpose and powerfully impact the world.

Why I call it a mastermind and not just a program is because I encourage an environment of support deeper and wider than a sisterhood, while implementing stages of a program with the meeting of great minds.

Picture us working together supporting one another to release, review, restructure and rebirth our purpose and mission with the full force and power of our beautiful emotions.

  • Release the overwhelm and cycle of exhaustion forever
  • Clearly map your desired path
  • Execute your desired path and be reborn!

What do I know about this?

After leaving my corporate career as a controller for an IT start-up, I decided to homeschool my children. Over the years, I discovered that the ability to learn is directly related to emotional intelligence. After 12 years of studying and implementing those techniques with her children; it became her mission to help women to do the same. 

My process of opening women to embracing our emotions as a power source helps us see the learning opportunities in everything instead of going through the motions of life at the cost of our emotional health to find meaning and purpose so that we may be replenished.

This has allowed me to explore other parts of myself like serving as the Social Media and Branding Chair for ALL USA Entrepreneurial Chapter. I've also been selected for the Powerhouse Global Award and designated a Global Goodwill Ambassador Humanitarian for the USA. I am also a registered United Nations volunteer, award winning author and speaker, Certified in Sports Nutrition. For the past two years, I have hosted the Replenish Me podcast for which I have been nominated Podcaster of the year; founder of Workout Around My Day and mom of 6

Let's work together and pull back each layer which is preventing you from your true purpose and fulfilling your vision.

Here’s a snapshot of what you get:

Get a powerfully compassionate community

Get access to online Sweet Talk Tribe with masterclasses and tools

Weekly live trainings in zoom

Plus 1:1 access to me once per month and much more

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EXCLUSIVE OFFER: 3 Part FREE training on How to Be More Alive now!

Free 3 Part Training

Sample the program by going through a portion of the first three steps. You will get tools to implement immediately that will start you on the path to being replenished!